The Good News

Good newsI recently wrote a blog informing the world that my view of scripture seems to be slightly off from everyone else’s. Well, here I go again.

The good news of God is not that Jesus died on the cross as a payment or penance for your sins. I’m not the only one to believe this, but it’s still quite popular so I just wanted to put that out there. The entire concept that Jesus died as some form of payment has been debunked, it simply doesn’t line up with a God of love, nor with a healthy human self-image.

If you don’t believe me, use the method I always use to test salvation hypothesis, put yourself in God’s shoes. Yes, I realize that I am a limited being, but if something seems morally wrong to a human, chances are, God feels that double. In this case, my first born child broke the rules and continues to break them, to save the first I demand that my second child be murdered to satisfy me. Sound like something you might go to jail for? Yeah, exactly.

The good news of God is not that God will provide for your every need if only you have faith and can pray to Him. While the Bible does suggest that humans have been given authority over the earth, by God and by Christ, it would directly contradict free will for most of our prayers to be answered. Despite the fact that God created the world out of nothing, scientists have discovered that since then, nothing else has been created from nothing, and so everything you gain, someone else loses. Where do you think that $1 Million dollars would come from? Be careful what you wish for.

The good news is also not that we now have a way to pursue perfection. Yes, Jesus was the son of God, and according to record, was perfect, so we should definitely look up to Him and follow his example, but we will never be him. You will only ever be you, and to spend your life attempting to be perfect, because you believe you are worthless, is degrading to the person that God created you to be to begin with.

Once again, put yourself in those shoes. Your child spends their whole life telling themselves and you how horrible and corrupt, disgusting, little, and terrible they are. How does this make you feel? What do you want to tell them? I imagine it’s something like, “No! No, my child! You are perfect just as you are, you need to change nothing about you for you are mine!” (Sound familiar?)

The good news of God IS this message, that God loves us! It’s amazing I know. Our sins have been forgiven, they were always forgiven because God never turned his back on us. Jesus came to tell us this, and to set the record straight. The Hebrews had spent their entire history coming up with ways that humans fell short of God’s love, but they were missing the mark, so Jesus came down to say once and for all, stop the sacrifices, I only want your hearts. Stop the killing and the fighting, you are all my children. Stop beating yourself up, because I love you and will always love and have always loved you and nothing you do can change that. How wonderful is that message?

To answer the next logical question, yes, there is still sin, but it isn’t what you think. It’s not some grandious dark cloud or evil entity waiting to tackle you when you least expect it, it is simply living in a way that will bring you the most pain. This is why God hates it, because it’s bad for us, not because it’s bad for Him. He’s God! Nothing is bad for Him. He has no kryptonite. So, step one, love God. Step two, love yourself because God loves you. Step three, love your neighbor as you love yourself because God loves you. Pretty simple.

No go, eat, drink, and be merry, for God loves us all!

4 thoughts on “The Good News

  1. I agree with your statement that God loves us unconditionally and that He wants us with Him in heaven. I just want to say that it is OUR choice. We can choose to accept His love or we can choose to reject His love and be separated from Him forever. That doesn’t mean He stops loving us, He won’t; but, He does expect us to accept the gift He gave. God is perfection and to spend eternity with Him means we need to be perfect…something we will never be. He sent Jesus (and Jesus willingly came) to die for our sins so that in God’s eyes we are perfect. But WE have to accept this gift of grace, or we will be separated from God forever.

    • I wouldn’t use the language that God expects us to accept the gift. He created us to make a choice, and He respects that choice while hoping that we choose Him. Also, while God may be perfect, he created us as the imperfect beings that we are, and clearly states that He will accept us as we are, as long as we’ll have Him.

      When you use language like, we need to be perfect, you put an impossible mantle of expectation on humans to be what they were never meant to be. God created us this way, loves us this way, and respects us this way.

      This is not to say that I don’t agree with you, that it is up to us to choose God, and if we deny Him He will respect that choice and we will not be with Him in eternity, but to argue any requirements or expectations would suggest that God’s love isn’t unconditional, which it is.

      • When I said we need to be perfect to be with God we do, I also said we could never be perfect, that is why God sent His Son to be perfection for us. I agree that God does love us unconditionally and because of that unconditional love He gave us a way to be with Him.

  2. So, I would argue that we’ve always been able to be with Him. Jesus’ good news was that God has always loved us, all we had to do was embrace Him. The reason I wrote this blog, was to show that all of the language Christians use about being good enough, or needing Jesus to be good for us, seems to subvert the beauty and majesty of the creations that we are. God never expected us to be perfect. Jesus died in love to tell us that.

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