The Defeat

ImageA year has passed since Samuel was placed in the dungeons. He’s thin and sickly, he’s not sure he will live much longer considering the lack of proper nutrition. None of that matters now though, he holds a copy of something which has killed him already; his story has changed.

Who could do such a thing? Why doesn’t anyone see what they have done? They left my tale of defiance and questioning, but they added these book ends which nullify the entire purpose of what I wrote! What is this great whirlwind? God is not some angry demanding storm to force His children this way and that. And what is this about not questioning the Lord? This is what David knew all along, that we must question God, we were created to be like Him, which means we have the right to question good and evil as we perceive it. Does any good parent hate when their child begins to think and question on their own? Or do they rejoice and praise their child for thinking freely and find hope for their child’s future in those words? How much more so with our heavenly Father?

With this one alteration the temple has won. People will continue to believe that physical wealth and well-being are related to blessing. The poor will go on being trampled on and forgotten.

Oh Father, you must send someone stronger than me who can show them the way. I have done what I thought right, but they have simply rejected me as they reject all prophets who speak your true word. Send someone who will show that kindness and love is who you are, that anger and hatred are propaganda and perception. Show them that we were meant to be in relationship with you, not slaves to you. Send someone who will show them the good parent, the good Father that you are, and who can represent what a caring and responsive child looks like.

They have not listened to me, but they will listen if you tell them, I just know it.


Crying himself to sleep, the author of Job was forgotten and lost from history, but his story remains. His story, but not as it was originally written. It continues to be undermined by the additions made to it. No one questions the ancient perspective of retribution, because they have the whirlwind of God to hold them back from it. It has become accepted by many scholars that Job was written in protest to retributive theology, but due to the later additions of the first and last chapters, represents the opposite of the message held between those two chapters.

Who are we to question Him? We are not the creators of the universe. We are not the all-powerful, all-knowing God. We are simply His beloved children. Chosen by Him to be loved by Him, and to live and die exemplifying His love for us. We are simply His creations, gifted with all that He desired for us, with the capacity for both great good and great evil. We are simply human, strong and soft, right and wrong, loving and afraid to love. We are perfectly imperfect, just as He made us, just as He loves us, just as he wants us to be, and just as He wants us to choose; to choose love, life, kindness, goodness, and simplicity. He wants us to choose Him, but He won’t make us. He won’t yell at us, or threaten us, or add insult to injury. We do that enough for ourselves. Let us remember that God is love.

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