In the beginning…

“‘I love you.’

“It was all I knew then. But, it was more than mere knowledge. It was me, before I knew there was a me, there was only this overwhelming love. As I live on, the memories of it are fading, but just before I wake up in the morning, if I’ve been sleeping well, I will feel it again. It’s feels kind of like being forever enveloped in the satisfaction of scratching an itch. Everything in the world feels right, and there are no responsibilities. You are free to simply, be. I’ve labeled it, ‘being’.

“You see my sons, that was the world before me, and before your mother. What you see now, these plants and animals, they were in the ‘being’ too.”

Able listens attentively, quietly pensive, then the more restless and curious Cane asks, “But that sounds really nice. How could things have been really nice all the time then, but now there are animals who eat each other, and plants that die? Why do I feel sadness now?”

“That, is a good question. The story goes like this:

“Your mother and I, after having found each other in the ‘being’, (that’s a whole other story), were being when we both felt a push. Not having any bodies at that time, it was very hard to understand what was happening, but I think I can label it a push now. We felt a push, and then we were here, in this place, just lying on the ground, completely naked! It was so confusing, one second your ‘being’ the next you’re alive.

“The most fascinating thing about being alive, is that when you’re separated from ‘being’, you begin to understand that ‘being’ isn’t just a place, it’s a whole realm, a dimension that thinks and feels, that is more great and complex than you and I could ever comprehend. It was from ‘being’ that all that we know and all that we are was created. So when you have a question like, ‘why?’ you have to ask ‘being’.”

Cane leaps up with arms outstretched and says,”Okay! ‘Being’, why is there sadness!?”

“Ha, ha, ha! I love your passion my son! However, ‘being’ does not speak the way that you and I do now, that’s part of what I was trying to tell you. ‘Being’ is so complex, there is no way for it to express itself here.”

Looking flummoxed, Cane responds, “Then how can I ask my question?”

“Easily, you already have. You see, ‘being’ created this world, and ‘being’ permeates this world. The minute you had a question, the moment it occurred to you to ask, ‘being’ heard it. Before then, even. It was simply waiting for you to realize that you had the question.”

Cane sat down to process this, but Abel, having heard this particular explanation before, had a second question, “Father, if that is true, how do we know what the answer to our question is?”

“Again! A good question! What brilliant sons I have!

“This is one of the most difficult things about existing outside of ‘being’. Before, we were within it, and so we were what it was. We were still separate in awareness, but most things like feelings simply flowed through us, and we understood them. Now, we have to try harder to be in contact with it. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it’s farther away! It is simply a matter of simplicity. ‘Being’ created this world for us to exist in, which is for that purpose, simple. And the simple, cannot easily comprehend the complex!

“What I do to speak with ‘being’, is I sit very still, and very quiet. And I try my hardest to thing of all of the love and gratitude I have for ‘being’, for creating me, for loving me. Eventually, I get to the end of my ability to express my love, and in that space, after love and thanksgiving have been fully spent, that I can ‘be’ again. Not exactly the same way I was, but enough that I know it’s desires, and it’s feelings again. It is there that we can gain answers little one.”


One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn in my exploration of God, and spirituality, is that there is almost never an answer that doesn’t bring more questions. Every argument that seems to support a thesis, seems to have an exception that must be handled with it’s own argument, and it’s own thesis, which may have an exception. I do think there is a bottom to this pit of arguments and theses, but I cannot get there in one sitting.

The foundation for the tale that I have begun above is simply love. God is unconditional love. Now I know there are questions and arguments, and I could address them now, but I prefer to address them as the story continues. Just know that I have considered the questions, and I have sought that answers, and what I have discovered will be revealed in time. For now, settle into the atmosphere above, and allow yourself to love until you can’t anymore. For it is in that place that God dwells, the God which is, “I AM”, the God which simply is, is simply “being”.

Before anything else can be understood, there must a foundation be laid. That foundation is unconditional love. From here there are many possibilities, but only one which seems to fit with all that has been revealed to us, to humans, from God. There will be many turns, bumps, bruises, and scrapes. However, while there will be some you wish to heal and never see again, there may also be some which you hope will scar, so you can show others what you have discovered, and have a story of your own to tell.